Crush Your Long-held Assumptions About Content Engagement

You may have a general idea about what your customers want, or think you know which messaging will pique their interest. But if that content falls flat, it could be because you didn’t anticipate how their needs have changed. That can feel like a lot of effort in the wrong direction, but cheer up—plenty of others have done the same thing.

In fact, crushing long-held assumptions isn’t solely a marketing concern. Scientists just learned that the mice they’ve been using to study Alzheimer’s have an entirely different genetic response to the disease than human cells.

Learning you were wrong about your customers isn’t bad—doing the same thing in spite of that knowledge is. When you think it’s time for a content reset, here are some suggestions on how to get started:

Social media.

It’s the one space where your customers actively give you their feedback for free, so you’d better use it. Learn which platforms they tend to use, and consider these tips for developing material that will engage with them.

Website design.

Once you have their attention, provide an easy-to-follow web layout that personalizes their digital journey and still provides essential information for them to make a clear buying decision. Track analytics to see which webpages are getting the most views, and for the longest durations.


Position your business so that customers know that not only do you operate in their marketspace, you’re an authority on it. Reputation and positive reviews will drive greater engagement and new business.

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