3 Big Content Marketing Myths of 2020 Debunked

Content marketing is a relatively new branch of marketing that has come a long way since it first began. What used to be centered around posting blogs and sending emails has now evolved to a crucial discipline that marries content and technology across multiple channels. For many organizations, content marketing is one of the most valuable tools in their arsenal. Like many aspects of marketing, success breeds misconceptions. We are tackling some of the biggest content marketing myths that currently exist and debunking them so that nothing stands in the way between you and a successful campaign.

Myth 1: Large-Scale Personalization Requires a Complete Strategy Overhaul

One of the most common myths about content marketing is that if you plan on implementing elements of personalization for a larger audience, it requires a complete overhaul of your strategy- which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Personalization at any scale can be difficult, but there are ways in which to overcome these growing pains. It all comes down to data. All companies should have data centered around the types of customer experiences they are seeking to personalize. This data can be used to repurpose previously created content, so it can be used for different audiences.

Myth 2: Personalization Means Creating More Content

The idea of creating personalized content for all of your different audience types can be overwhelming and may lead to the impression that more content must be created to compensate. While providing streams of content is an important part of any marketing campaign, it is possible to send tailored content to a particular audience without bombarding them with marketing materials. Small-scale deliverables, like little snippets of video or pieces of text, can accomplish many of the same things without the risk of turning off your audience. Platforms like Sharpspring are a great way to automate some of the processes, so you can focus on creating individualized experiences.

Myth 3: Only Large Companies Can Have Successful Content Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing campaigns bring to mind two things: money and manpower. It may seem logical to think that only large companies who have plenty of both and access to professionals and other resources are able to execute successful marketing campaigns. They may have access to these things, but there is one advantage that small and midsize companies have that large ones don’t: agility. The bigger the business, the slower the approval process.

The key is to work smarter not harder and to take advantage of all of the tools that are available. A marketing automation platform like Sharpspring can help you push the right content to the right audience at the right time, by allowing you to schedule emails and social media posts in advance. Sharpspring also allows you to track analytics, so you know how your content is performing and can make adjustments if needed.

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