MarketingOps is changing – and how to get with the program

Thanks to COVID, you’ve probably relied on a strong Internet presence to reach your best customers and maintain long-term engagement. But as this digital frontier becomes more saturated, your marketers must learn to expand their services, evolve their tactics—and, most importantly, justify their work.

Business2Community highlights five areas where MarketingOps is changing, from digital tools and budgets to the development of stronger human connections, relevant content, and innovative strategies. If you’re wondering how to apply these to your marketing goals this year, here are some suggestions:

Invest in reliable email automation. Some platforms are better at managing delivery and reporting (opens, clicks, webpage visits) than others. Use the analytics from that automation to justify what messaging and content has the most pull with your audience so you can focus your budget on developing more of it. You’ll have an easier time demonstrating the value and ROI of your work, and reduce unnecessary spend.

When it comes to the content of your emails, try to avoid using generic templates that go to everyone. Those tend to lack personalization and aren’t as effective at generating active engagement from your readers. Instead, segment your messaging based on the industry or demographics of your target audience. Then, use your content to educate your leads and give them a reason to trust your brand. If they feel like they’re part of a conversation instead of a sales pitch, they’ll be more receptive to talk with you.

As for the area of innovation, that’s basically a concise way of saying “stay open to all possibilities.” You may not be ready to throw virtual reality or augmented reality events, for instance, but be mindful of new technology and tactics that could help you position your business as an industry leader.

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