Avoid a Slashed Marketing Budget in 3 Steps

Marketing budgets are notorious for being slashed when businesses want to save revenue. If you want your efforts to mean something in 2021, you have to justify the work.

The reality is that marketing is an essential part of any business’s growth. But in order to be effective, it must also be strategic, innovative, reinforced by data, include relevant content, and strengthen human connections, says Business2Community. No pressure, right?

Here are the best ways we’ve found to get your marketing operations on the right track:

  • Email consistently. Customers may be less likely to finish reading an entire email, but they’re checking their inboxes more frequently. This means you have a greater chance of getting noticed—but you have to hold their attention.
  • Review data. Key metrics from those email campaigns like open rates, clicks rates, and page visits are essential if you want to see what material is resonating with your audience and should be your focus moving forward. Plus, it gives you the statistics you need to justify your content.
  • Connect your content. Social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter can be combined with your blog and email campaigns to drive traffic to your website and strategic buying points—as long as the messaging is coordinated and consistent.

When in doubt, ask for help. Outsourced marketing is more important than ever when it comes to extending the efforts of your in-house team. When you’re ready, let’s schedule some time to talk about how we can complement yours.

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