Too Many Cooks in Your Marketing Kitchen?

The old phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” is particularly relevant when it comes to drafting effective marketing content. The more people you have developing that material, the more opinions, edits, and delayed approvals you’re likely to receive—to the point that you’re suddenly not sending any copy at all.

In theory, getting other departments to weigh in seems like a good idea. Then everyone has a say in the messaging to ensure a well-rounded representation of your company, while staying relevant to the needs of your leads. But the results are often less than seamless when those departments disagree heavily on the tone, focus, and wording of that content.

Sales reps are a prime example, as they look at lead gen messaging and success differently than marketers. Marketing gets excited about open and click rates on email campaigns, while Sales needs productive phone calls. Marketing is often focused on educating leads, while Sales is focused on closing their business. Marketers like to relate to leads about their pain points, while Sales likes to talk about company value and services. And so on.

So what’s the solution? Sounds simple, but limit the number of folks approving your content. Appoint a small team that will be your trusted source to craft that material, A/B test it, and see which emails and social media outreach are the most effective based on statistics and responses.

When in doubt, talk with lead gen and prospecting experts who can make this process easier by helping your team develop that content, advising them on best practices, and sending that material on your behalf through prospecting automation. Not only will there be less arguing about what’s on the menu, the final results will be far more appetizing.

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