Are Your Emails Getting Noticed?

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, most of us are guilty of looking at our emails throughout the day, regardless of where we are. But, in spite of the fact that we’re checking our Inboxes more frequently than we used to, the average reading times for those emails has decreased.

This means two things when it comes to your lead generation: first, your chances of getting noticed are better, depending on your subject lines. Second, once a potential lead opens your email, its content needs to be brief and relevant for them to stay engaged. Typically, we’re talking no more than 3-4 sentences max.

If that sounds like a short email, you’re right—but also one that’s more authentic. Most people aren’t in the habit of writing blog-size letters to their coworkers, so why would you think your leads would be any different?

One simple trick to do this is to ask a single question. People aren’t too keen on surveys from those they don’t know, but they are more likely to answer if you phrase it in the form of needing their help. That includes asking who you need to contact regarding a specific business matter, addressing a potential pain point your leads are facing, or inquiring about how they’ve been recently affected by specific changes in the market.

What’s important is that you keep these questions to separate emails. That way, you don’t overwhelm your leads, and increase your chances of getting responses.

Here are some fill-in-the-blank examples:


I’d like to learn more about [product or service a company offers]. Can you tell me who the best person is to speak with?

Pain Point

You may be experiencing trouble with [pain point]. We’ve found some solutions that have worked well for others in the industry. Do you have time this week for a call?

Market Change

Due to the latest changes in [market influence], others have decided to [steps they’ve taken to adjust]. You may be experiencing the same shift, and aren’t sure how to evolve your services to meet it.

That’s where [your company’s solution] can help. We’ve developed [product / service] that has [2 listed benefits]. Would you like to talk about how to apply this in your business?

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