Are You Qualifying Leads, or Just Making Busy Work?

Think of the people you’ve met who make far more work for themselves than their actual roles require. In sales, this often happens with lead generation. “When sales reps don’t have a deep enough pipeline,” says Forbes, “they tend to cling to the garbage—unqualified opportunities. This illusion of busyness creates a false sense of productivity.” To avoid that trap, be more consistent in your prospecting efforts:

  • Save yourself time with automation. Prospecto is proprietary software that can help you identify the contact information for your most relevant leads, group them into a database, and email them en masse.
  • Keep your messaging brief. Leads get bombarded with sales and marketing emails. Keep yours short, to the point, and targeted so that they stand a better chance of being seen, internalized, and retained.
  • Reach out at a respectful frequency. Don’t appear needy or salesy by filling up your leads’ inboxes on a daily basis. Choose a couple of times each week to follow-up, then acknowledge to those leads that haven’t responded that you respect their time and hope to connect when they’re ready.
  • Grow your database. Casting a wide net will increase the chances of finding someone who is ready to talk about their needs, as well as your products and services.
  • Be patient. Sales cycles are long, and prospecting cycles are longer. That’s why you need to maintain some kind of outreach at all times—“slow seasons” included—so that you don’t lose that momentum.

Need help fine-tuning your prospecting? Rally’s ready to lend a hand. Take a look at the services we offer, or give us a call to go over the details.

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