Three steps to nurturing

If you’ve decided to send emails rather than blast them, there are three simple rules to follow:

  1. Subject line: make sure you meet your prospects where they are in their business, in their buying cycle, in their life. The subject line must appeal and reflect the audience you are reaching out to. It’s what will get them to open your email, after all.
  2. Copy: No more than two lines of copy. Yes, you read that correctly. Prospects don’t have a lot of time, and more and more emails are being opened on phones and other hand-held devices, which have really little screens. Make your point in two sentences. You will then be awarded a third sentence, which will contain the hyperlink to an even more interesting place on your website that pertains to the two lines of copy in your email.
  3. Only copy, no HTML: But those blocks seem so fancy! You look so professional!! NO, it looks like you created a newsletter from a template and sent it to everyone on your list. Two lines of copy and the bonus sentence for the link make it look like I took the time to type you a short message. It’s personal, engaging. A box is not. If you’re sending a newsletter, a box is fine. If you’re nurturing a prospect, be personal and intentional.



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