3 reasons it’s ok to steal

I’ve attended a couple webinars recently from the big players in the marketing automation space. Their experts talk about timing, methodology and content. An odd pattern emerged: it’s ok to steal!

Why is that? There are three reasons it’s ok to steal:

  1. So you don’t reinvent the wheel. Pay attention to what others do, copy what works.  Why did you open an email? What caught your eye? If it worked on you, it will probably work on other people. We didn’t invent our method of contacting prospects, someone else did. But it works. Subscribe to newsletters if you send newsletters, register for a drip campaign if you drip, read your industry’s top experts, or study your competition. Learn how they attract new customers.
  2. Unlike in college, it’s okay to reprint exactly what someone else says (as long as you give them credit, of course). And – get this – content creators love it! It gives them credibility and furthers their name recognition. If you don’t have enough content to tweet 6 times a day, read a blog or subscribe to a blog feed (trapit.com, the Zike app on your iPhone) that will send you blogs in your area of interest. Tweet their stuff, put your hashtag on it. Snap. Content.
  3. When writing your own content, base it on someone else’s, just like I’ve done here. I’ve just rearranged it differently, and focused on a small part of the webinars I listened to. Do you have time to listen to two hours of marketing automation training this week? Didn’t think so. So I encapsulate a little bit of it, and pass it on to you. Just like a book report.

Don’t tell your kids.



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