Sell less, more sales

“You have to ask for the order.” For some sales people, that is, ironically, the most difficult part. You can talk about it, you can negotiate it, you can overcome objections. But you can’t ask for the order.

What if you didn’t have to?

What if, that by the time you were having a conversation with your prospect, he was already ready to buy, and was, in fact, asking you, “When can we get started?”

That is the position that content and authority marketing can you put you in. Share your expertise, establish your credibility, create rapport through marketing campaigns that reach out gently and provide your prospects with information that will help them today, information that lets them know how much help you will be when you become partners, clients, or whatever you call your revenue stream.

Well-timed email campaigns, a direct mail here or there, a chance meet at the trade show (really, chance?), an exchange via text, and SNAP! You’ve sealed the deal.

These quieter, gentler sales campaigns may require a paradigm shift on the part of aggressive sales teams trained in the past couple decades. Those aggressive techniques, however, aren’t drawing responses from prospects anymore, and are, in fact, turning them off. The new model of sharing before you sign is proving to be more effective – and profitable.

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