Now what do I say?

Now that you are building an in-target database with emails, what are you going to say to it? The new model of marketing and communications encourages content, not sales pitches.

So what is content, and how do you create it?

Content is material that will help you build credibility, establish your expertise, and create rapport with prospects before you pick up the phone. The sales pitch might even disappear from our business lexicon because the content that you share with prospects will do all the selling for you.

Content is tricky, though; you have to share enough to pique interest and educate, but you can’t give away the store. You have to retain enough to sell your services and your product, not tell your prospects how to do it or make it themselves. You still have to make money, right?

And experts recommend that you add new content (in the form of blogs, videos, white papers, testimonials, etc) every business day to your website. This gives prospects a continuing reason to return to you, to count on you for helpful information, and to get to know you.

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