Quarantine’s one silver lining for new business

Many of your best prospects may still be working remotely. While that might initially seem like a detractor for generating new business, there is one silver lining: the more likely they are to be checking their emails. We already know that cold-calling isn’t really an effective tool in the lead generation game anymore—at least, compared to prospecting through email. And as long as you know the right email addresses to reach those prospects, the more opportunities you’ll have to grab their attention and encourage them to have a phone call with you.

But reaching out to them once usually isn’t enough to guarantee a response. In fact, it’s not until a few follow-up messages down the line that your persistence will likely bear fruit. That’s why it’s more beneficial if you try to implement the following tactics:

  1. Use prospecting automation software. Not only can this help you find and identify a database full of new prospects to contact, you’ll be able to send more emails to them in less time than you could manually. Then you only need to focus on those who are actually open to a call.
  2. Don’t send your prospects sales pitches. These tend to be ignored as generic, uninformed, or—worst of all—spam. Instead, offer value through informative content that ties back to your products and services. This demonstrates your willingness to establish a partnership with them, rather than simply chasing dollar signs. It also demonstrates your authority in your prospect’s marketspace.

Rally Prospecting can assist you in both of these areas, through the use of our automation tool Prospecto, and from account staff who can advise you on the best tips and tricks for developing content. If you’re hurting from a lack of new business, let’s talk about how to change that.

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