Quarantine forces you to up your email game

Businesses and states may be gradually reopening, but many employees are either enjoying the continued perks of working from home, or they’re still waiting on the “all clear” for them to set foot back in the office. That means that the majority of what they’re going to experience from your business is digital, including the content you’re promoting on social media, the structure of your website for in-bound lead generation, and (this is a biggie) your email copy. 

To make that copy stand out, it needs to be entertaining. Part of that is how personalized you make it, but it’s also about how well you know your audience. High-end messaging may appeal to them in a broader sense, but material that’s more targeted and nuanced will get a stronger engagement from specific segments of your market, and will make those recipients feel like you’re actually speaking to them. 

How do you know if they’re actively listening (or reading)? The easiest way is by incorporating some form of digital analytics. Tracking actions like opens, clicks, and website visits will help you learn how relevant your content is, who’s resonating with it, and where improvements need to be made. Regardless of how much A/B testing you need to fine-tune your specific language and subject matter, there is one pretty tried-and-true approach: focus that material on your customers, not on your business. In order for them to enlist your service, they need to understand how it’ll benefit them, not how amazing your company is for providing it. When in doubt, consult with digital marketing specialists who can walk you through this process to hone your online presence.

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