5 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns. Everyone’s got one, but how do you know if your campaign is strong and compelling enough to turn leads into subscribers? We’ve come up with 5 ways to help boost your email marketing campaign so that you can maximize returns and keep your subscribers coming back for more. 

Send Emails Based off of Behavior

Behavioral emails are emails that are triggered based on the behavior of a subscriber. Compared to other email types, behavioral emails get 76.7% more opens and can be integrated at all stages of a marketing campaign. There are three main types of behavioral emails. The first is a welcome email, which is sent when a new person subscribes. If your current email strategy doesn’t include a welcome email, then you’ve got some serious revamping to do! The second type is a browse abandon email, which applies to businesses that utilize eCommerce. This email is used when a prospect has left your website in the middle of a browsing session and can bring a visitor back. The last behavioral email is one that you’ve probably encountered before, both as a marketer and a customer- the abandoned cart email. This email is sent when the checkout process is abandoned and can be a powerful tool. One study found that abandoned cart emails generated on average $ 5.81 million in revenue per email.*

Segment, Segment, Segment

We’ve mentioned on this blog many times just how important segmentation is. It adds a level of personalization to any campaign that can lead to more opens and clicks than non-segmented campaigns. There are many different ways to segment your subscribers. One way is by taking a closer look into how they have interacted with your website, focusing on which products or services they have looked at. You can also look at their past email history, to see which emails they may have opened and which links they clicked. If you want to give a subscriber an active part in their own segmentation, you can send out a series of quizzes to find out more about their likes and dislikes.

Take a Closer Look at Your Unsubscribes

According to a study conducted by GetResponse, the average unsubscribe rate is between 0.09 and 0.4%.* This amount may seem insignificant, but it gives you the opportunity to gain insight into why subscribers are leaving so that you can work to prevent this. There are many reasons why a subscriber chooses to leave an email list, but the most common reasons are:

  • The emails being sent no longer feel relevant 
  • Too many emails are being sent 

So how do you combat this? If irrelevant issues are your problem, you can show subscribers a list when they first sign up so they can choose which types of emails they wish to receive. If sending too many emails is a common unsubscribe reason, then give subscribers the option to select the frequency they prefer or allow them to pause. 

Get Creative

Emails are a blank canvas that allows you a place to be as creative as possible while getting your message out to your subscribers. Little things like adding emojis to your subject line or keeping it short and sweet for your mobile users add that extra oomph that drives users to open. The inside of the email is where the real magic happens and creativity has no bounds. Mess around with fonts, spacing, and borders to find the perfect mix that will keep readers reading. Is your call to action a text link? Give it a makeover by transforming it into a button. Add some graphics and voila- your email is ready. 

Utilize Personalized Sign-Up Forms

It’s no secret that people like things that are personalized, especially when it comes to their online shopping experience. In fact, 80% of website visitors are more likely to shop from personalized websites than non-personalized ones. Sign up forms are one feature of a website that is often underutilized when it comes to personalization. When designing your forms, use dynamic content like images or text, based on which items are on the page. That way you can have a different form on every page, with each one looking just as personalized as the next.

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