How to use referrals to grow your business

Learning how to use referrals to grow your business can be one of the most lucrative ways to increase sales.

Say that you find the “perfect lead” for a conversation about new business. You have done your research, checked out their credentials on LinkedIn, made note of their job title, and gathered information about their company.

You decide to reach out by making a call, leave a couple of voicemails, and send some emails. Your efforts are finally noted and you receive a response, “I’m not responsible for that service here. You should reach out to Ashley in the other department.”

So how do you use referrals to your advantage?

Although it can be discouraging when all that effort spent on one lead ends with a referral. It is actually a step in the right direction. Even though you haven’t scheduled a call yet, you have been referred to someone at that company who knows who you need to start the conversation with.

So don’t see these referrals as failures, they are actually better than one might think. They’re a positive response, a push in the right direction. Instead of that person reaching out and saying  no thanks or not interested, they are referring you to the person you need to talk to for those possible business transactions to happen.

For example, which email would you be more likely to open? An email from someone you don’t know with a subject line saying that person has a question about your company, or one saying that your coworker recommended that they contact you? Chances are, the latter.

Referrals are a chance at getting your foot in the door at a prospective company; helping you get a first look above competing emails in your prospect’s inbox.

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