3 Ways to Add Excitement to Online Events when In-Person Engagement is No Longer an Option

Conferences and workshops used to be a major component of business. Ideas were shared and information traded as people from different industries came together to discuss news, comment on hot topics and commensurate over shared issues. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, these in-person events have come to a screeching halt, at a time when we need human connection more than ever. The solution? Virtual events. It can be harder to feel connected to others in a virtual setting, so we have devised three ways that will help you add excitement and increase engagement when in-person soirees are no longer an option.

Break the Ice when it comes to Virtual Networking

Networking is one of the main reasons people even attend industry events. It’s where first impressions are made, connections are established, and long-lasting business relationships are built. Pre-Covid networking was all done through face to face interactions at mixers and other similar events but in this post-covid world virtual is the new reality. Virtual networking will never replace in-person, but there are some elements that you can incorporate into your session that still allow those crucial connections to be made. Conversing digitally does not come naturally to all, so elements like live polling or Q&A sessions with the speakers can be added to presentations so that they encourage active participation and audience engagement. 

Use Data as a Conversation Starter

There are some constraints when hosting an event virtually, and one of them is that the format doesn’t allow much time for the attendees to connect with one another. Those connections are crucial and for many, the information shared is the sole reason they attend conferences or events. As those opportunities now look different, you must show that you understand the pain points of your audience right off the bat. And the best way to do that? Use data. Data will help your sales and marketing teams make the most out of their time with attendees, and will provide a deeper understanding of their motivations, interests and pain points so that you can best solve them. These conversations can open the doors to business opportunities, new technologies and new strategies.

It’s also worth using technology to capture feedback from the attendees, focusing on which virtual elements worked and which didn’t work. As more events move to the digital realm, these insights will help you to create a more tailored experience across the board. 

Use a Targeted Account-Based Approach to Events

The days of large and heavily attended conferences are over for the foreseeable future, at least until there is a time when we all can gather safely. Instead, there will be a shift towards concentrated events that are highly personalized and employ an account-based approach. You should embrace these events- as the highly personalized nature will keep attendees engaged and conversations flowing. We’ve discussed that connected in a virtual space can be hard, but this intimate approach is one way to combat it. By providing this ultra-personalized experience, you bypass the awkwardness by connecting attendees to others who are experiencing the same things. 

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