Do purchased B2B lead lists work?

You’ve probably heard that email is your best tool for connecting with new leads and honing your business development,  but do purchased lead lists work?

That depends on whether the addresses you’re sending to are actually the right ones. Rather than collecting them the manual way, you may have considered purchasing lists of lead email addresses from a data provider. While it is possible that this information may garner you a lead or two, it’s been our experience that most of these lists don’t improve sales.

Why that purchased list of leads didn’t work out

  1. Outdated. People who once held the appropriate positions at the companies you want to reach may no longer be in those roles now, and may not be open to helping you.
  2. Inaccurate. John Smith at XYZ Company may have never actually worked there, so your email to him will bounce. Send to enough nonexistent email addresses, and you risk blacklisting your own company’s web domain.
  3. Expensive. Most data providers will charge you $1 or more per email address. If you want to get a list that has 10,000 contacts, that’s a cool $10 grand you’re hoping you can earn back.

Now you’re probably wondering that if you can’t rely on a list provider, how is email marketing actually sustainable? The answer: couple it with prospecting automation. This software takes specific information about your leads’ firmographic profiles—their names, job titles, companies, and web domains—and uses it to find and verify the current email addresses for them. The best part? It costs less than a full-time sales employee—or those pricey lists you considered buying earlier.

These benefits will allow you to expand your geography, contact more leads in less time, and grow your active network of leads. Open to a test drive? Let us know and we’ll schedule some time for a call.

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