Finding The Right Prospect

By Jennilyn Howell

My husband and I once lived in a 100-year-old cottage with uneven front steps that needed replacing. We soon learned that The Right Contractor is not something you can add to your Amazon cart.

An online tool helped us narrow the field of licensed contractors in our area. Then we spent time in conversation with several in order to determine whom to hire.

The same process we used to find a contractor applies when you’re prospecting for new business. You must have tools, time, and conversations.

You’ll need a prospect automation tool. Remember, it is not the Amazon cart of B2B sales. It will nurture suspects who are not

  • Aware they need your product or services,
  • Able to dedicate time and resources to a project, or
  • Motivated to improve that aspect of their business.

The tool will also help you determine which suspects are ready to enter your sales pipeline. It’s up to you – not the program or service provider – to spend time in the database and have conversations to qualify those suspects.

Now you’re ready to start building the sale.

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