Your sales pipeline is now boarding

by Jennilyn Howell

Flying may become enjoyable now that Teague, a Seattle–based design firm, has reimagined air travel. Poppi, the theoretical airline, offers real-time flight updates, door-to-door baggage service, and free swag for unlucky middle-seat passengers.

What if you reimagined your prospecting efforts so that you knew who was ready to talk and who was still on the journey from prospect to potential client?

Consider a system that:

  • Pre-screens your suspects by finding the right person to talk with about your services.
  • Serves in-flight “snacks” through relevant, digestible content emails that are sent to your prospects at just the right time.
  • Treats first class right by prioritizing prospects who most recently visited your website.

Piloting the aircraft is up to you.

  • Greet your passengers: Follow-up when prospects become engaged.
  • Provide mid-flight updates: Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.
  • Trust air traffic control: Use a team that will guide your approach throughout the journey.

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