Up in the air! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…an egg?

by Will Rotondi

Drones can be just as easily oo’ed and ahh’ed for their stellar footage during fireworks displays as they can be condemned as the spying eagle eyes in the sky. I find the new PowerEgg’s marketing image a rather symbolic take, one that could be signaling the departure from a human approach with the incubation and birth of a more robotic future.


As human beings, when do we relinquish control? When it comes to any sort of automation – cars, drones, or even your online prospecting efforts – does there need to be that human element in the process? – one who, while a fallible operator, is still a morally cognizant one?

If those robotics are used as tools to benefit human services, I would say yes, because a human approach keeps it personal. When you’re striking up more conversations using a prospecting tool, you’re still the person who’s doing the talking, not the tool. Having automation can drive the nurturing process and create more brand visibility, but you still have to be the one to pick up the phone and engage with the potential client.

When I reflect back on the PowerEgg image, I notice the girl off to the left and what she’s holding. It’s small and vaguely red along the edges, leading me to think it’s either a bug-catcher or a checkered racing flag. I’d prefer either to the white flag of surrender.

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