Email Pepto

by Jennilyn Howell

Word vomit, much like its namesake, is uncomfortable and repulsive. And when you’re in the amusement park of prospecting, it’s wise to sip a little email-Pepto.

It’s tempting to be the ticket-booth operator, broadcasting the features of all the attractions. You want to tell each potential client the history of your business, how you started, what your services are, how they can benefit his company, what you’ve done for other companies like his, when your company picnic is happening, and where you should meet to go over a proposal all in the same sentence.

Did you even read all that? Me either. I was munching on a funnel cake.

To effectively engage a prospect in conversation, use brief, effective messages that won’t overwhelm. There are three key types to use strategically:

  • Navigational: This message gets you to the right person and is no more than two sentences. I have a question about your company’s asset management software. Who should I speak with?
  • Informational: When the prospect asks a question, your response should be brief and to-the-point. Keep the number of short sentences to three or fewer. We provide effective solutions to your asset management and EAM challenges. Our clients benefit from increased productivity, reduced costs, and down-time.
  • Invitational: Invite the prospect to schedule a conversation. Again, two to three sentences will suffice. Would you be open to a brief call about your asset management software?

If prospecting feeling dizzy and a little sick, slow down and try these email-Pepto messages to soothe your process. I promise both you and your prospects will feel better.

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