Trim the prospecting fat

by Will Rotondi

You’ve probably heard the phrase that you have to “put something in to get something out.” You have to reach out to find the lead; you have to call the lead to make the sale. Scientists have a similar view with the conversation of mass. You can’t destroy mass; it simply gets converted from one form to another.

Even body fat has to go somewhere as you work it off.

Just as fitness helps stabilize the health of your body for quality of life and life expectancy, you want to model a similar approach to your prospecting cycle. You’ve probably seen the gamut of sales type personalities, from the A-players who work tirelessly to the lackadaisical types who make a call or two when the mood strikes. Fitness sees these personalities, too. Those who put in more see more transformation; others can do less, to the point of seeing it fall by the “waist-side.” Prospect too much, though, and you burn yourself out. Prospect too little, and you don’t make sales.

Finding a healthy balance is key:

  • Start slow with your prospects, testing the waters with a cold message.
  • Ask them for a conversation, but keep the conversation about them. Let them want to learn more about who you are, rather than try to immediately close the sale.
  • Follow-up regularly and consistently, making connections between what their pain points are and how you can help.
  • Show, rather than tell, how you can be their “personal trainer” for the success of their business.
  • Reach out for that electronic handshake through LinkedIn.
  • Remember that you’re looking for a partnership. It’s a team effort for success.

With this workout plan in mind, it’s time to sit back and take a deep breath. Exhale. You’re ready to make a few more calls, and get trim in the process.

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