EASY is not always BETTER when developing new B2B business

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I hear the coffee grinder in my office this morning.

That’s weird, because we have this fancy, trendy, convenient pod coffeemaker in the company kitchen. It’s next to the sink, so it’s easy to keep the well filled so it can preheat the water, and the premeasured pods are in the drawer just below it. There’s a trashcan within easy 2-point distance (no one could miss) to toss the most recently used pod, and the mugs are in the cabinet above it.

EASY. Right?

Yet Will has gone upstairs to the Thunderdome to make coffee, where the RAMs (Rally Account Managers) have an old-fashioned drip coffee pot, for which they freshly grind coffee. He also has to come downstairs to get water, then go back upstairs, then clean up the dusty mess a grinder always makes, toss the filter in a carefully managed can, and wait for the whole pot to make.

What happened to EASY, and why isn’t he using the pod maker?

Turns out, EASY isn’t always BETTER.

There’s more work involved in grinding beans, getting water, cleaning up the mess; but the end result is worth the work.

You may be looking for an EASY prospecting solution. You may have tried many EASY solutions before, but you probably haven’t seen a return on those EASY solutions: appointment setters and qualifiers works on paper, but when your sales team gets to the appointment, or takes the call, what are the results?

What’s BETTER is reaching out to individuals who have answered an email, been to your website, clicked on a link. Are they ready to buy today? Probably not, but isn’t their interest worth your expressing interest in return?

It is a little more work, each day, but that is the work of prospecting and sales. A prospecting automation partner can help you do the work, but it’s not the EASY solution. But if you work it, it just might be BETTER.

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The only way to make coffee BETTER is to have it served to you by a knight in shining armor.
Who serves you up your best prospects?


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