The right time to join your buyer’s journey in B2B prospecting

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

Technology purchasers are most likely to consult with industry analysts when beginning research about their next big purchase. Next, they look to web searches for information.

How do they find you?

Organic and paid searches are more based in luck – that you have the right key words, that your competition doesn’t rank higher than you, that the prospect clicks on your link in the result – than they are strategic and directed efforts.

By reaching out to the technology buyer before they even begin their search process, and sharing relevant information with them at a respectful rate, you can begin to influence the technology buyer before they even begin looking.

IMG_0299  IMG_0300

Think of it like you’re offering your prospects an unexpected treat. In one sitting, would you expect them to eat a single brownie, or a whole box?


Why is it important that they find you first?

67% of the buyer’s journey is done digitally. This means you have to be in the buyer’s web search and inbox before they even think of you. Sales doesn’t have to begin the conversation immediately, but a partnership between the marketing message and sales tracking must begin when the buyer starts thinking about what to buy next.

Where are you in your buyer’s journey?

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