Cold calling? Really?

I recently read a blog entitled “How to improve your cold calling techniques” or something like that on a fairly reputable B2B website. I read blogs with that type of title because I’m hoping for the magic bullet that will tear through cold calling and shed a never-seen-before-light that every sales person is looking for. (If someone says “Ohhhh…I just love cold calling,” they are lying, and do not engage in business with them.)

The article was disappointing at the most, as it was a first-grade primer for entry-level sales people who have never engaged in an actual conversation with anyone in their life. I’m embarrassed for the website, and just hope that it falls under the category of “I didn’t read the blog before we posted it because the title sounded good.” I’ve read there’s a lot of that going around in the electronic universe.

Because aren’t cold calls rather old-fashioned? It’s not a matter of what to say once you get them on the phone, but today’s challenge is how to get them on the phone. Everyone has a phone, but no one answers it anymore!! Here at Rally we have found that people are more likely to answer a cold email than they are a cold call, so why not let electronica do the work for you? The human condition has reconditioned itself to be more familiar in an electronic relationship than a personal one. At then end of the day, you most likely have to talk to a human, no doubt. But humans, we have found, are more likely to talk to you (and research YOU, as you are them) electronically first.

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