Nurture. Don’t Dust.

A recent study from Marketing Sherpa shows that 59 percent of marketing efforts still don’t include nurturing programs. That means that leads sent over from marketing campaigns are dropped when the time isn’t right, or the budget isn’t finalized, or the VP is on vacation. And dropped leads means lost revenue. An no one’s happy about that.

In Sales 101 didn’t we learn the difference between a no (the time isn’t right), no (the budget is still in flux) and a no (my boss is on vacation)? Don’t just put those contacts on the shelf to gather dust. Put them in an automatic lead nurturing program that will provide them with the ammunition they need when the time is right to buy from you. At Rally we call this authority marketing. By providing timely bits of helpful information (not a constant spewing of sales pitches) you prove to your prospects that you are credible, reputable and qualified to do the work.

So when the timing is right, the budget is approved and everyone’s in the office, your company will be first call they make.

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