Ask your leads a single question

How you write your emails can tell your leads a lot about you – assuming, that is, that you’re writing style doesn’t get you trapped in their spam filters first.

Our personality types can influence more obvious identifying traits – think clothing, particularly shoes – but we may not pay as much attention as we should to how it influences our digital communication. It’s easy to assume that shorthand, typos, and stream-of-consciousness phrasing are all permissible and should be enough for a reader to understand and respond to.

If you think that’ll fly with prospecting, good luck to you. I haven’t seen that be the case.

Here’s one of the more common personality types that struggle with prospecting –

The Survey Taker: When you ask your lead more than 5 questions in a single email.

What it says about you: You’re not really sure how to introduce yourself and your company. You’re hoping that your lead will choose that introduction by the answer(s) they provide you.

Why it can hurt: You unconsciously make it so you can’t move forward if they don’t respond, and you confuse your leads as to what it is you ultimately want.

How to overcome it: Choose a single pain point that’s fairly universal across your leads’ industries, and ask about that. “I would like to talk about [x]. Who’s the best person to speak with?”

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