The 8 Tell-Tale Signs That it’s Time to Implement Marketing Automation

In a world where the marketing landscape is rapidly changing, it is easy to stick to the proven methods of email marketing and direct marketing campaigns. It’s easy to rely on your sales team to nurture leads. But what’s not easy is thinking about all of the leads you’re missing out on because you lack the tools and support that marketing automation provides. If you are torn between implementing marketing automation and not ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you currently track campaigns?
  • How?
  • Who is nurturing leads?
  • When does the interaction between marketing and sales come into play?

If the answers to these questions illuminate the gaps in your marketing process or you are lacking answers, then it’s time to get serious about marketing automation. Here are the 8 biggest indicators that you may need a marketing automation solution.

You might need marketing automation if:

  1. Your marketing department struggles to maintain and track multiple campaigns
  2. You have a CRM solution to track contacts, but it isn’t generating business
  3. You need to create buyer personas in order to segment and automate your lead generation efforts across all channels
  4. You don’t have a significant amount of repeat business
  5. Your sales and marketing teams do not communicate and lack insight into each other
  6. Outbound communications aren’t being personalized
  7. You are lacking in manpower to manually contact and check in with every lead and existing customer
  8. All of your leads need nurturing before committing- even those that are ready to buy

Our marketing automation platform can assist with these issues, and it even has the ability to solve some of the others. The platform also allows you to automatically nurture leads with email drip campaigns that are effective without sacrificing personalization. On the note of personalization, marketing automation helps you to create lists that are based on the behavior of your leads allowing you to further customize the content that they receive. You can coordinate across channels to see what campaigns are the most effective to improve your spend ROI. When the lead is ready the salesperson who is assigned to the lead will be notified, wasting no time and missing no opportunities.

If you are interested in a marketing automation solution that solves all of the issues above, then click on the banner below to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with us today.

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