A word about Silverpop

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I won’t pretend that we’re the only company providing lead generation through marketing automation, nor will I pretend that we are the best in the space. But we are different. And we’re not for everyone.

Below are some user comments from softwareadvice.com that articulate some of the reasons we’re different, and why we might be a fit for your company instead of Silverpop:

  • About Silverpop: Train, train, and do more training. This is a great platform but if you don’t self-educate and train your team, you will get off to a very slow start. Be committed and get acclimated early on.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: We agree, commit to the process, but there’s no self-education; your RAM (Rally Account Manager) will train you and work in the database, right along with you!
  • About Silverpop: The customer service is horrible. They should invest in account managers for major clients instead of always relying on the ticketing process.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Great idea! We have account managers (RAM) for every client, not just the major ones. To avoid a ticket, your RAM schedules all mailings. (Where does that ticket take me, exactly?)
  • About Silverpop: There needs to be a better support team (i.e., someone you can call when you have issues rather than just submitting a ticket).
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Again with the tickets? Lottery? Flight? Speeding? None of those are worth much.


Tickets may help at grocery stores, but it’s a long wait for technical support.
Rally RAMs like Sarah provide their direct phone numbers for your convenience.


  • About Silverpop: There can be a slightly steep learning curve, and the video tutorials don’t do the product justice.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: We do have video tutorials, but we also have your live account manager.


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