A word about Act-On

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I won’t pretend that we’re the only company providing lead generation through marketing automation, nor will I pretend that we are the best in the space. But we are different. And we’re not for everyone.

Below are some user comments from softwareadvice.com that articulate some of the reasons we’re different, and why we might be a fit for your company instead of Act-On:

  • About Act-On: Although Act-On lets you be as creative as you would like, sometimes putting together email templates can be complicated.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Creativity doesn’t start conversations; good content sent on a regular basis does. Don’t make it more complicated than it is.


Writing templates can be like filling in Mad Libs. Just make sure the words you choose are relevant to your message.
  • About Act-On: As with any new software, there’s a learning curve. Thankfully, Act-On is there to support you during this learning curve phase.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Prospecto is a software platform, too. The learning curve is about 45 minutes.
  • About Act-On: Integrate the system as soon as possible and have an email list ready to upload; this way, you’ll start seeing results in days.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: We provide the database for you, so you don’t have to have anything ready.
  • About Act-On: Like any marketing automation software, there is a lot to learn. Thankfully, Act-On has a great set of online support docs and excellent customer service.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Rally operates the MA software for you. So there’s really not that much to learn.

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