A word about SalesFusion

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I won’t pretend that we’re the only company providing lead generation through marketing automation, nor will I pretend that we are the best in the space. But we are different. And we’re not for everyone.

Below are some user comments from softwareadvice.com that articulate some of the reasons we’re different, and why we might be a fit for your company instead of SalesFusion:

  • About Salesfusion: The new tiered customer services process seems to be a bit of a hassle sometimes, with you having to explain the issue multiple times to the different tiers you’re transferred to. However, the support representatives are very patient and kind, and they make you feel like they genuinely want to help get to the bottom of the issue.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: You will know your Rally Account Manager (RAM), and we don’t charge extra for that. Likely, she will reach out to you before you even know that you need her help.
  • About Salesfusion: Customer service has been a bit of a roller coaster, though we always end up with answers. It’s pretty buggy, and if you’re not a technical person, you might have trouble with the reporting.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Your RAM will send reports, test your emails and guide you through the process. No roller coasters.
  • About Salesfusion: If you have technical talent on your team, then you are fine to use this product, and your CMO will be happy you are saving them money. But if you are a regular marketing person who just wants something that is easy to use, it’s not for you.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: You don’t have to have technical talent or a CMO. Can you send an email, or make a phone call? That’s all the technicality that you need. You can be regular with us.
  • About Salesfusion: It’s a product that you really need training to utilize to its fullest potential.

Working with Rally Prospecting: Our training call is 45 minutes. Your RAM will likely reach out to you more than you do to her.



RAMS won’t pass you around like these telephones – Kelly, Ivy, Jennilyn or April will be assigned specifically to your account.

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