A word about Hubspot

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I won’t pretend that we’re the only company providing lead generation through marketing automation, nor will I pretend that we are the best in the space. But we are different. And we’re not for everyone.

Below are some user comments from softwareadvice.com that articulate some of the reasons we’re different, and why we might be a fit for your company instead of Hubspot:

  • About Hubspot: You will need help. You need someone at least familiar with code …, a designer or someone comfortable creating images for landing pages, blog posts, and calls to action buttons …, a content writer …, and finally a marketer to manage and monitor the campaigns…
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Your RAM (Rally Account Manager) will help with the code, manage and maintain all email campaigns, and our Content Writer will produce all the email content.
  • About Hubspot: Upgrade pricing is a little steep from one product to the next.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Prospecto, our platform, pricing includes data and support: $1500/month on average.
  • About Hubspot: There may almost be TOO much that you can use the system for, if that is possible. It is difficult to know everything that they offer because there is so much offered.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Prospecto has two basic functions: verify new emails; nurture new prospects until they’re ready to talk. Is there an EASY button?
  • About Hubspot: Training! Take the time to participate in their training classes, read their training materials, and watch their tutorials. HubSpot provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: As long as you have your RAM’s phone number at your fingertip, that’s all you need.

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Our RAM, Kelly, has a positive forecast: 100% chance of dedicated support.

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