A word about Marketo

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I won’t pretend that we’re the only company providing lead generation through marketing automation, nor will I pretend that we are the best in the space. But we are different. And we’re not for everyone.

Below are some user comments from softwareadvice.com that articulate some of the reasons we’re different, and why we might be a fit for your company instead of Marketo:

  • About Marketo: Living on a startup budget it’s hard to cough up the cost of Marketo platform, but we still have to. (Average annual: $24K)
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Rally provides data, operates the MA tool, and manages your account. (Average annual: $18K)
  • About Marketo: It takes a lot of time to gather an understanding of the actual system. You have to do several steps to complete one simple step whether it is to build an email and create an event.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Your Rally Content Writer writes your email content, and your Rally Account Manager (RAM) builds, sends and reports on email campaigns for you.
  • About Marketo: If you think you know how to do something within Marketo, seek out assistance from a Marketo representative because there several steps in different location needed to complete a small task.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: You will know your RAM: It will be Jennilyn, Kelly, Ivy, Sarah or April. They are located in Greenville, SC, and you will have your manager’s direct phone number and email.
  • About Marketo: Make sure to evaluate your business needs and the features of the program match what you need accomplished.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Derek, our Business Development rep, will qualify whether we’re a good fit for your needs. We’ll walk you through the process to see if you are, or aren’t.


Derek knows you need the right lure to catch the right fish. It’s the same mentality he brings to qualifying prospects’ needs.
  • About Marketo: We have a saying in the office: “There are no shortcuts in Marketo.” While the interface is usable, it still has a ways to go before being the most user-friendly and intuitive software.There is a definite learning curve as well—not unexpected, but it definitely takes some time.
    • Working with Rally Prospecting: Your RAM will operate the tool. You will have to make time to log in and send emails. You’ve sent emails before, right?

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