How long should you keep prospects on email lists?

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

Just because your prospect doesn’t want to do business with you today doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to do business with you at all.

If you’re sending emails and they’re going unanswered, or even unopened, don’t give up. A quiet prospect doesn’t mean a disinterested prospect. In fact, we take it to mean the opposite. As long as a prospect hasn’t unsubscribed, or asked to be removed from your list, we take that to mean not right now.

You likely have a long sales cycle, or know that your prospect audience is probably in the middle of a contract, and can’t review your services until renewal rolls around. If you don’t know the exact renewal date, though, or don’t know the terms of their current agreements, it’s best to stay in their inbox with relevant, persistent, respectful communiques. Your prospect will let you know when it’s too much – or when it’s time to talk renewals.

Some of our best clients have come to us more than two years after we initially reached out.

So be patient, persistent and relevant. Your prospects will appreciate you.

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