Channel your inner sales warrior with prospecting automation

by Will Rotondi
[email protected]

You may have seen the video recently on American Ninja Warrior of a contestant who attempted to complete the first course dressed as a T-Rex. It’s one of several instances where people have adorned similar costumes and performed ballet, gone ice-skating, or recreated scenes from Jurassic Park.

This is made even more amusing by the fact that for many people, a T-Rex probably isn’t the creature they’d want to emulate. In fact, if he still existed, we’d all steer clear of him. Maybe it’s the eons since his passing (RIP big guy) that has allowed us to be more objective and appreciate him for his strengths. After all, there had to be something that made him an effective hunter, and we know it wasn’t those little tiny arms. While he may not have been able to hold his own at the bench press, studies show that T-Rex had a particularly powerful tail that made him fast. Looks like that Ninja Warrior contestant chose his costume wisely.

It’s the same reason that we’ve adopted T-Rex as our prospecting automation mascot, because of the speed with which our software can find and verify large batches of prospects in a single database. Rather than purchase a list of email addresses that could have old or inaccurate data, you can use a system that finds and verifies them, then allows you to nurture those prospects with content and push them toward conversations.

T-Rex keeps the system running, and the client determines the speed that they’re comfortable going. In other words, how many more sales conversations do you want to have?


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