Your “Slow Season” May No Longer Exist

In the past, it may have been tempting to simply label the holiday months as your slow season and not worry as much about your prospecting efforts. But considering how the economy has changed and gone remote over the past couple of years, who’s to say that slow season still exists? Here’s why it might not hurt to turn up the email outreach from now through New Year’s.

Your leads are online. A lot.

We’ve already heard (and perhaps experienced firsthand) how backed up the supply chain has become, prompting customers to buy gifts sooner. That means many of the folks who you want to talk to are already online shopping — who says they won’t catch that email you want to drop in their inbox at the same time? All you need is an eye-catching subject line and a message that isn’t gimmicky or misleading.

You don’t even have to worry about selling or marketing to your leads. Simply wishing them a safe and enjoyable holiday can elicit positive responses.

Even non-shoppers are glued to their smartphones

Those who aren’t already scrolling Amazon wish lists are probably still connected to the Internet. They’re just spending that time checking their email, texting, or (admit it or not) playing games to pass the time. And with some checking their phones as much as 96 times a day, it’s safe to assume that your email will get attention.

Remote workers face fewer distractions

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in a post-COVID world, it’s that a sizeable portion of the workforce isn’t keen to return to an office setting just yet. And that social distancing has had an unexpected twist: diminished workplace gossip. In other words, there’s less internal distractions and a greater chance that your outreach will be seen.

Businesses may need those conversations

With the economy still trying to right itself from the effects of the pandemic and the Great Resignation, businesses might be more receptive to end-of-the-year discussions, proposals, and partnerships. Not only are sales reps more likely to have the time for them, they probably need the revenue.

Convincing you to continue prospecting during the holidays is one thing. But the harder part may be finding the right people to send those emails to, and what kind of messaging will actually get their attention. That’s where we want to help. Click the link below to schedule time for a free lead nurturing discussion.

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