With marshmallows, please

by Will Rotondi

Ah, Christmas. Not even a month behind us, and I bet some of you can’t wait for it to come back around again. Don’t get me wrong – I’d be one of those people. There’s something about the Christmas spirit that makes the world seem a little brighter (and my bank account proportionately smaller).

I bring up Christmas not because I have a case of separation anxiety – more to the point, I think about how similar our prospecting process can be to that symbol of the holiday season, his helpers, and his sweet ride.

Let’s start with your Account Manager, who I’ll call Mrs. Klaus:

She keeps the wheels turning, the workers on task, and handles most damage control when production quotas are getting behind in the workshop. She’s also got hot chocolate around when times get tough, and she corresponds with our IT elves on making sure that our software doesn’t act like it’s tanked from too much Christmas nog.

To the client, she’s the first point of contact who gives you a more in-depth understanding of the database, as well as the onboarding email that we use when we first reach out to them.  These emails are the initial introduction; the small piece of Christmas candy that gets a prospect’s interest, or lets us know exactly who the prospect is. They contain a question that is simple and direct, but not too specific to be dismissed by people who aren’t an immediate fit.

Don’t you wish you had a Mrs. Klaus in your office?

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