Please Have the Valet Fetch My Rollator

by Will Rotondi

When it comes to the subject of age in our culture, we have a tendency to either admire it or shun it.  To know which side of the fence you’re probably on, consider visiting your grandparents and see if you immediately get a sweet thought or bitter aftertaste.  It could be a good indication.

And if you think getting older comes too soon, imagine being a computer.  At less than 10 years old, mine is considered vintage.

We’re constantly trying to improve upon the “older model,” and our turn-around time on getting the next upgrade is vastly improving.  Some people admire the older versions of particular methodologies or products.  After all, they paved the way to where they are by today’s standards.  The basic design had to be created for an automobile before being concerned about fuel efficiency, or for a typewriter before the dream of a computer.  Conversely, the negative crowd might shun this older technology, considering it outdated and obsolete.

Sales can also have this polarization.  Where we used to cold call, now we often email.  Is cold calling a thing of the past?  Do we admire its methodology that has lead to emailing and automation, or condemn it as useless?

I’d like to think there’s a third option.  I think that it’s not all one way or other—not all emailing or cold calling, but a matter of utilizing both to maximize your coverage and keep it personalized.  In order to successfully nurture clients, you have to be patient, as much as you have to use your time wisely, and extend your reach wide enough for your target market.  It can’t all be cold calling, and email can only be so effective until it’s time to have a live conversation.

In a similar vein, I could appreciate driving around in an old Cadillac series 62, or enjoy being disconnected from the Matrix by using a typewriter, even though I recognize the benefits of our current technology.   And, when I’m old, I’ll take my Rollator – it’s the Cadillac of walkers, if you haven’t heard.

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