Grooming optional

by Will Rotondi

If your Account Manager is like Mrs. Klaus, your Business Development Manager would most resemble one of Santa’s reindeer (symbolically, of course – and perhaps a little hairy, too).  When it comes to coordinating your marketing campaigns, qualifying your email responses, and passing priority leads, we’re your go-to workers.  We’ll be out in front, helping to navigate our team as we find what delivery systems are more efficient than others.  Although we don’t fly as much as surf, our range is just as broad.

Business Development Managers work closely with clients like you to get a sense of who you are, what you sell, and how you work.  Like our content writer, we blend our knowledge of marketing with your company personality so that we help project your voice for new prospecting.  Whether it’s direct feedback from you, or pertinent website material, we find those key phrases that define what you do and set up the means to deliver them to the appropriate audience.  While our writer provides the content marketing, BDMs can also craft follow-up messages that reiterate important points about your company’s capabilities.

We’re here to deliver those interested prospects to you, keep the system running on course, and be back home before the sun comes up.  And, while we aren’t especially prone to eating carrots, the occasional banana muffin is gladly appreciated.

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