Naughty or nice?

by Will Rotondi

Our Data Processor is the closest we’ll ever get to an elf from Santa’s workshop – and we mean that in the nicest way possible. She makes sure that the right people get the right material, their own special gifts on your behalf. We all understand that not everyone can be on that special list – whether it’s because they don’t belong, or because you’ve already reached out to them – so our Processor scrubs down those lists to clean them up and find the right people to keep, as well as those to exclude. Even then, her work isn’t finished, as this process is repeated throughout the course of our email campaigns for you, refining our lists with new records as your database grows.

Just like Santa’s busy worker-bees, our Data Processor is there to file through all of the incoming mail that our campaigns will generate, letting us further determine whether they belong in your naughty or nice list.  Read receipts, spam, and disinterested parties all are handled, and those people who want your services, or have more questions about what you do, will be passed along to your account in our portal as new opportunities! Our Processor is also there when we initiate the first outreach in new client segments, loading the appropriate lists and executing the respective campaigns.

When it comes to the most basic, essential grunt work, our Data Processor is there to keep the mechanics of the system moving smoothly. She makes sure that our lists are correct, our test messages go through, and our responses are sorted.

Her taste in YouTube videos isn’t too shabby, either.

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