Why solopreneurs can’t prospect, sell, and deliver

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

As a solopreneur, you alone have the expertise needed to sell and deliver your services – leaving you with little time to find and cultivate new prospects. And the time, expertise and resources required to find new prospects often equal the energy needed to sell and deliver to your clients.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill that will allow you to split yourself, or double your energy.

So how do you do it, and what expectations should you have?


Solopreneurs can suffer from managing too many tasks.
Just like juggling plates, you might be able to hold them all, but how fast will you be moving when you do?

Work with a prospect partner that can deliver conversations with new prospects to you. Look for someone who can find new companies, with new contacts, who haven’t heard of you before. Your prospecting partner should have access to a database of prospects in your target market, and should be able to find some number of contacts in that database over time who are interested in getting to know you.

You should expect to have to sell to them. After all, a prospecting partner can’t sell; they can find. And they don’t have your expertise. These days, if a prospect is interested in learning more about you, you should return the courtesy and learn more about them – that will help you qualify and close the deal in the end, anyway.

If you’re interested in growth, don’t do it by splitting yourself. Do it by splitting responsibilities with a partner who can help.


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