Prospecting should lead to conversations, not reading

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

Marketing Profs reported this week that you need three people to write content for you!!


We have one writer who does content for over 30 clients. You don’t need three just to write for you.

If you have a budget to hire three people to write stuff, then I need to talk to you about better ways to spend your money.

That’s a ridiculous number of people – and budget – whose goal should be to get people to talk to you. You shouldn’t have to write that much to get someone to a conversation because, if you think about it, who has time to read that much? If they’re that interested in reading, you’ll be more successful in converting them to a customer. Thing is, no one’s interested in reading that much.

Have you even read this far?

If you have, then you’re interested in having conversations, but you’re not sure you want to talk to me yet. That’s ok. You’re not ready. But I’m not going to overwhelm you with words. I’m going to wait until you’re ready to talk.

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