When you prospect, don’t focus on delays

by Will Rotondi
[email protected]

I took a vacation recently with family down to Cartagena. (Beautiful place to visit – photographic evidence below.) While the flight down there was uneventful, the return trip was anything but:

One two-hour flight delay. Two long lines getting through immigration. Forty-five additional minutes trying to manage a connecting flight. Sounds exhausting, right? (It was.)

That’s the feeling you have when you prospect. It’s physically demanding, and chances are that you’ve felt more than once like you were wasting your time or flying in circles (pun intended).

The problem is, focusing on that exhausted feeling just makes you, well, more exhausted. And it detracts from using your time wisely to make those additional connections with prospects that might be interested in your services – or, if they aren’t, they might know someone else who is.

Ultimately, it’s the value you derive from your efforts. Thinking back on my trip, do I focus on the rocky return flight, or do I focus on the beautiful coastline I got to wake up to each morning for 5 days?


In your prospecting, do you harp on the number of people who said no to you about having a phone call, or do you celebrate the few who agreed to a conversation?

I think you know the answer.

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