Why appointment setting doesn’t work

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

I recently wrote that no one has answered a cold call since 2009.  I mean, have you answered a call from a number you didn’t recognize? (If you have, stop reading, because you’re blowing my theory.)

When a prospect comes into the market for your service, they have just about made up their mind by the time they talk to a provider about buying. I mean, they’re this close to buying by the time they talk to you!

Which is why appointment setting doesn’t work.

A third party making a cold call to see if someone is interested in talking to someone else about something they don’t know anything about?

Do you see now why this doesn’t work anymore?

This doesn’t mean the funnel is dead by any means. It’s in the funnel, actually, that they begin their digital relationship with you. They may not be ready right now, but beginning a conversation with your prospect as early as possible is key. They don’t know you, or know that they need you yet, but when they get to know you and understand who you are and what you’re good at, they’ll develop a need, or know to call you when they have one.


The beginning of the funnel is like brewing your first morning cup of coffee.
You have to warm those grounds up with hot water to get a smooth brew.
Similarly, you have to warm your prospects up to a conversation through outreach and content.

Prospecting automation can help you do start and nurture that conversation quickly and efficiently, leading to more conversations rather than missed appointments.


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