How coffee affects prospecting

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

For many of us, coffee is life. A cup starts our day, perks us up in the middle of the day, and sometimes unwinds us after dinner. And some of us get particular kinds of coffee from particular places like clockwork, and always drink it the same way: black, cream, sugar, cream and sugar, sweetener, flavored, blended, double, whipped.

You know your barista. Or the guy at the gas station. Whatever. (No judging.)

You’re regular as mail about your coffee. Why aren’t you as regular about your prospecting?

You’re as particular, aren’t you: you want the right prospect with the right need with the right budget right now. But to be that particular, just as with your coffee, you have to fill the cup before you can add the particulars.

So fill your prospecting cup with regular contact with helpful content – every day – so your prospects get to know you, and hear from you on the day they need you.

Start this coffee habit:

  • Order coffee.
  • Send new prospects an email.
  • Sip coffee.
  • Call warm prospects.
  • Sip coffee.
  • Send cold prospects an email.
  • Sip coffee.
  • Call hot prospects.
  • Sip coffee.

Make that coffee habit pay off.


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