What I did on my summer vacation

This year we summered in the depths of software development of Prospecto™, our new prospecting automation platform. The world of development is an interesting place to spend a few weeks, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Much like the vacation most of you probably took your families on this summer, software development is an exercise in patience (the lines at Disney are soooo long), articulation (try ordering in Spanish when you don’t speak it), creativity (fitting four people in a cabin built for two) and frustration (how many flights can one airline screw up?).

But when you’re back at home, looking at pictures, you only remember the good times. Right?

Our pictures of Prospecto™ include: the new streamlined interface, the automated onboarding system that builds your database, the behavior monitoring that indicates prospect interest, the lead scoring that prioritizes leads, and the calendar function to remind your prospecting team what to do today.

And as our kids head back to school, here at Rally Prospecting we also face a new year, forgetting the challenges of last year (old school cold-calling, unanswered voice mails, inadequate lists, overly complex contact management systems, and a scarcity of email addresses), and are looking forward to learning new things this year (navigating Prospecto™, nurturing prospects to lead status, closing the deal, cashing checks!).

If you’re in the mood to learn something new this fall, give us a call, and we’ll show you a demo of Prospecto™. Then you can let us know if you’re ready to start class.

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