Integrated MA tools improve leads

The Lenskold Group recently published a Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study that shows how marketing automation tools increase lead generation effectiveness by leaps and bounds. It also shows that an array of tools and skills surrounding an MA tool are an important factor in the process.

“Among B2B organizations, the use of integrated marketing automation appears to boost the effectiveness of lead generation efforts across various metrics, such as the quantity of leads generated, the quality of leads passed to sales teams, and the proportion of leads accepted by sales, according to the report.

Among those 51% who use an integrated marketing automation platform, more than six in ten (61%) cite lead quantity as a key benefit of their system, while 60% cite a higher quality of leads passed to sales.”

An integrated marketing automation tool can help you better pinpoint a prospect’s interest and tailor messages to him/her. Having a database, a calendaring function and access to scored recipient behavior in one place can help your marketing team better identify who is ready to hand-off to sales. In turn, sales is talking to leads who are interested – particularly interested – in having a sales conversation. No more tire-kickers…well, we can’t promise that…there is a prospect who looks at out website about five days a week, but refuses to take a sales call. Who knows?

What we can promise is that an integrated marketing automation tool (like Prospecto, for example) can help marketing better target their messages, provide a more efficient tool for the team to use, and improve the quality of leads passed to sales. And with your talented sales team, what have you got to lose? (sales…if your leads aren’t good!)

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