Using Buyer Personas to Streamline Conversions

Buyer Personas are in-depth descriptions of a set of customers that includes geographic, demographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns and purchase history. Creating detailed buyer personas forces you to think about the customers you want to target, and how to target them. Creating personas is vital because it makes segmentation and targeted messaging much easier. To learn more about creating buyer personas, you can read our blog detailing the process behind it here.  

When you create buyer personas it allows you to:

  • More effectively target your customer audiences
  • Escalate the power of your dynamic emails and landing pages
  • Increase your open rates, click- through rates and conversions

Why Personas?

Marketing is all about storytelling, but even more so the right kind of storytelling. Not all people are interested in the same story, so it is important to tell stories based off of individual needs and experiences. In order to successfully do this, you must know your audience. Marketing automation tracks behavior and stores lead data and dynamic content allows you to create emails and landing pages that respond to a leads attributes. But if this information is not organized it can be a challenge, which is where personas come in. Personas are designed to help you segment customer audiences so you can produce and provide the right content, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Using Personas in a Real Life Scenario

You probably already have a pretty clear idea what buyer personas make up your audience, but here is a common marketing scenario to help drive the point home: You’re preparing a new campaign, and you need to create different sets of emails that speak to different buyer personas within a company. One is Charlotte CEO, who is concerned about the revenue growth for her business. Also on the list is Margaret Marketing Manager, who is focused on lead generation. Finally, you have Scott Sales, who is interested in sales tools.

Each of these buyer personas reflects the prospect’s defining trait, allowing you to use custom messaging to speak directly to Charlotte, Margaret, and Scott. With marketing automation, leads can self-select a buyer persona by answering a question. Personas can also be assigned to leads based on their attributes and tracked behavior.

Areas of Impact:

Personas can make a huge difference in several crucial areas:

1. Personas hyper-charge your dynamic emails and landing pages

Content and buyer personas go hand in hand. Marketing Armor’s new automation feature ensures that your message is on target without having to deal with rules and custom fields. All you have to do is ask your leads one simple question, and let them tell you who they are. For the leads that don’t self-identify, you can assign them personas based on their attributes and behaviors.

2. They Simplify Automation tasks

Instead of spending valuable time setting up custom fields, you can segment by personas.

3. Pinpoint your target audience

When you craft a marketing message you want to hit the target. Personas make sure none of your content falls flat by letting you send relatable and personalized messages.

Digital marketing has gotten to a place where it can feel extremely impersonal. Buyer Personas can erase this feeling and bring a human touch to marketing. If you are interested in learning more about how creating buyer personas can increase conversions, then click on the banner below to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with us today.


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