The power of the nurturing force

by Jennilyn Howell, BDM

This holiday season’s most-anticipated film is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What has me intrigued is this week’s release of toys and other merchandise related to the series. CNBC reported Wednesday, “The franchise is expected to contribute to the toy industry’s best year in more than a decade.”

That amounts to the best toy sales since, well, the last trilogy release. I see what you’re doing, Disney and Hasbro: nurturing Star Wars fans’ excitement around new merchandise will then further excite them at the box office.

Having more B2B conversations isn’t much different. Here’s a prospecting trilogy:

  • Introduce your conversation topic.
  • Create buzz around your brand and services through helpful, moderately frequent email content.
  • Engage specific prospects, especially those that visit your website, through personalized messages.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

A sales pitch premiere you will have when the time is right.

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