Tennis, anyone?

I’ve been distracted by the US Open tennis tournament lately. Sometimes, the quiet nature of the sport (no one talks while they’re playing and the commentators speak in low, hushed tones) is enough to lull me to sleep, while at other moments wild hits, near misses and heroic saves have me standing on my feet.

Prospecting is kind of like that, with many days of quiet inactivity punctuated by spikes of responses from people who actually want to talk business. Unlike napping through the tennis tournament, though, periods of silence are not welcome times for a sales team.

To keep prospects talking takes a constant flow of new prospects into the funnel as well as regular contact with established prospects. New prospects help expand your market, while regular contact keeps your company top of mind with those who aren’t ready to buy from you – yet.

It’s a process, a slow volley, of back and forth communication until somebody hits an ace, pops a fly, or answers your email.

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